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Costa Rica Women Team Players 2023 World Cup

Costa Rica
Amelia Valverd has unveiled the final Costa Rica Women’s Team players 2023 World Cup 2023. After making their debut in 2015, the Costa Rican team for the Women’s World Cup 2023 travels to Australia and New Zealand for their second competition.

Eight years ago, Costa Rica surprised everyone by drawing with both Spain and South Korea despite being considered the worst team in the group. The goal differential after Brazil defeated them 1-0 determined their elimination.

Although their fourth-place finish at the CONCACAF Women’s Championship in 2022 also showed potential. To that effect, it is impossible to determine their actual standing going into the 2023 Women’s World Cup due to the postponement of the Central American Games.

Costa Rica was undoubtedly drawn into a group containing Spain, Zambia, and Japan, making them outsiders to advance to the knockout stages. They may have a fair chance of pulling off an upset, though, if their performance from 2015 is any indication. However, that also depends on them defeating Zambia, which is harder said than done.

Indeed, their recent international record of 1–14 does not indicate the best form competing. At the 2023 Women’s Revelations Cup, ties of 1-1 versus Mexico and Colombia are encouraging. However, a close 1-0 loss to Nigeria is disappointing given that they would have expected, or at least hoped to win, that game.

With Spain, Zambia, and Japan in World Cup Group C, Costa Rica’s opening match is on July 21 against Spain.

Below are the selected players for the Costa Rica Women Team Players 2023 FIFA World Cup:


Priscilla Tapia (Herediano)
Priscilla Tapia, hailing from Herediano, brings a wealth of experience to the Costa Rican squad. Her calm and composed presence in the goal is an invaluable asset. Tapia’s ability to make crucial saves under pressure will be vital in helping Costa Rica navigate the challenges of the World Cup.

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Daniela Solera (Sporting San José)
Daniela Solera is a rising star in the goalkeeping department. Her agility and quick reflexes have earned her a spot in the national team. Solera’s exceptional distribution skills can help initiate attacking plays from the back, providing an extra dimension to Costa Rica’s game.

Genesis Perez (UCF Knights)
Genesis Perez represents the younger generation of Costa Rican goalkeepers. Her inclusion in the squad speaks to her potential and promise. Perez’s eagerness to learn and improve could be a critical factor in her team’s success.



Gabriela Guillén (Þór/KA)
Gabriela Guillén is a versatile defender who plies her trade in the Icelandic league with Þór/KA. Her ability to play in multiple positions in the backline provides tactical flexibility for Costa Rica. Guillén’s tenacity in one-on-one duels and her vision to initiate attacks from deep make her a valuable asset.

Mariana Benavides (Herediano)
Mariana Benavides, representing Herediano, brings stability to the defense. Her solid defensive positioning and intelligent game reading make her a reliable presence at the back. She can thwart opposition attacks and launch counter-attacks with precision passing.

Maria Paula Elizondo (Saprissa)
Maria Paula Elizondo, a product of Saprissa, is known for her tackling solid and aerial prowess. Her ability to win aerial duels in both boxes, along with her dedication to defensive duties, makes her a key figure in Costa Rica’s defensive setup.

Valeria del Campo (Monterrey)
Valeria del Campo, who plies her trade in Mexico with Monterrey, is a defender with pace and an attacking mindset. Her overlapping runs down the flank and pinpoint crosses can potentiate Costa Rica’s offensive strategy.

Fabiola Villalobos (Alajuelense)
Fabiola Villalobos, representing Alajuelense, is a composed and versatile defender. She can operate effectively in various defensive positions, providing valuable cover when needed. Villalobos’ ability to read the game and make timely interceptions is an asset.

Maria Coto (Alajuelense)
Maria Coto, another talent from Alajuelense, is a tenacious defender known for her commitment to the team’s cause. Her defensive work rate and ability to nullify opposing attackers will be vital in Costa Rica’s quest for success.

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Carol Sanchez (Sporting FC)
Carol Sanchez, who plays for Sporting FC, combines athleticism and defensive prowess. Her ability to close down opponents quickly and win back possession will be crucial in disrupting the rhythm of opposing teams.



Katherine Alvarado (Deportivo Saprissa)
A seasoned midfielder with years of experience at both domestic and international levels, Alvarado is known for her precise passing and exceptional vision on the field. She can control the game’s tempo and make crucial plays, making her a vital component of Costa Rica’s midfield.

Gloriana Villalobos (Deportivo Saprissa)
Villalobos is a versatile midfielder who can excel in various roles. Her tireless work rate and tenacity make her a formidable opponent to face. Whether intercepting passes or contributing to the attack, Gloriana’s presence in midfield is invaluable.

Mariela Campos (Herediano)
Campos is a dynamic midfielder specializing in winning back possession and launching attacks. Her relentless energy and ability to read the game enable her to make crucial interceptions and initiate counter-attacks, providing a solid foundation in the midfield.

Raquel Rodriguez (Portland Thorns)
With international experience playing for clubs in the United States, Rodriguez is a midfield maestro who combines technical prowess with athleticism. Her time with the Portland Thorns has honed her skills, making her a vital link between defense and attack for Costa Rica.

Emilie Valenciano (Libre)
Valenciano brings versatility to the midfield, capable of defensive and offensive duties. Her adaptability allows the team to adjust its tactics as needed, providing valuable depth to the squad.

Melissa Herrera (Bordeaux)
A midfielder who plies her trade in one of Europe’s top leagues, Herrera’s experience and exposure to high-level competition will be vital for Costa Rica. Her ball control and ability to read the game make her a key contributor in midfield.

Cristin Granados (Sporting FC)
Granados is known for her technical skills and passing accuracy. She can unlock defenses with precise through balls and contribute defensively when needed, making her a well-rounded midfielder.

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Alexandra Pinell (Alajuelense)
A talented midfielder who has honed her skills in the domestic league, Pinell’s inclusion provides a local flavor to the squad. Her tenacity and commitment to the team’s cause make her a valuable asset.


Catalina Estrada (Deportivo Saprissa)
Estrada is a prolific forward with a knack for finding the back of the net. Her speed and finishing ability make her a constant threat to opposing defenses.

Sofia Varela (not in a club)
While unattached to a club, Varela’s technical skills and agility make her a promising young forward. Her inclusion in the squad highlights her potential to be a game-changer.

Maria Paula Salas (Monterrey)
Salas is a forward who has gained experience playing in top international leagues, further developing her skills. Her ability to create goal-scoring opportunities will be crucial for Costa Rica’s offensive strategy.

Priscila Chinchilla (Libre)
Chinchilla’s versatility in the attacking department provides the team with different options. Whether leading the line or dropping into a playmaking role, her adaptability can challenge opposing defenses.



In conclusion, the Costa Rica Women’s Team’s journey to the 2023 World Cup promises to be an exciting and pivotal moment in the history of women’s football in the country. With a blend of experienced veterans and promising young talents, the team has the potential to make a significant impact on the global stage.

The dedication and hard work put in by the players, coaching staff, and the entire support system behind the scenes deserve recognition. Costa Rica is not just participating in the World Cup but aiming to compete at the highest level.

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As fans, we have every reason to be optimistic and proud of our national team. This is not just a group of players; it represents our nation’s spirit, determination, and love for the beautiful game. We’ll be cheering for them every step of the way as they strive to make history in the 2023 World Cup. Vamos, Costa Rica.


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