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Denmark Women Team Players 2023 World Cup

Denmark Women Team Players 2023

Lars Sndergaard has successfully revealed the final 23 players in the Denmark Women’s Team Players 2023 FIFA World Cup 2023 roster. The Denmark team for the Women’s World Cup 2023 differs from previous Denmark squads. Due to injuries to some of its more experienced players, the previous Euros finalists have recently had to concentrate on developing much younger talent.

Denmark Women Team Players 2023
Denmark Women Team Players 2023

They had a patchy stretch of form until stringing together several recent victories. They have won four straight friendlies, which they haven’t done since June last year. Their most recent accomplishments were by a score of 1-0 over Sweden and Japan. In the 93rd minute, Stine Larsen scored the game-winning goal against Sweden, and Moeka Minami’s own goal gave them the victory over Japan. In February’s Tournoi de France, France defeated Uruguay 3-2 and Norway 2-0 before these two matches.

Pernille Harder’s importance to Denmark was made abundantly apparent at Euro 2022. While opponents made a concerted effort to lock her down, they continually tried to bring the ball to her feet. But Harder, who sustained a hamstring injury while representing Denmark internationally and has been sidelined for six months following surgery, has left Denmark scrambling to get ready for this World Cup. She returned for Chelsea in their semi-final game against Barcelona, which is terrific news for the Danes.

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The likelihood that Nadia Nadim will succeed is less definite. It is uncertain where she is in her recovery, considering that she has sustained two consecutive anterior cruciate ligament injuries in just two seasons, the most recent of which occurred last September. With only two and a half months till the World Cup, it will be a race against time for Nadim to get back on the grass, despite recent Instagram posts of her doing so.

But Kathrine Kühl, a 19-year-old midfielder for Arsenal, will undoubtedly draw the most attention. Kühl, who is hoping for a breakthrough World Cup, has been compared to Harder as being even more technically skilled than Harder was at the same age.

The most recent team from their April friendlies is listed below, with their final World Cup roster to be revealed by July 9. Denmark is in World Cup Group D with England, Haiti, and China; their opening World Cup match is against China on July 22.

Below are the names of the chosen competent players for the Denmark women’s team:

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Lene Christensen
Lene Christensen has been a mainstay in the goalkeeping position for Rosenborg, one of Denmark’s top women’s football clubs. She is celebrated for her remarkable shot-stopping abilities, quick reflexes, and extraordinary command of her penalty area. Lene’s experience and unshakeable composure under pressure make her the undisputed first-choice goalkeeper for Denmark. Her ability to organize the defense and communicate effectively with her teammates ensures a strong defensive foundation for the team.


Kathrine Larsen
Kathrine Larsen is another accomplished goalkeeper in Denmark’s roster, plying her trade at Brondby, a club renowned for its commitment to women’s football. Kathrine is distinguished by her agility and ability to read the game effectively. She possesses a skill set that includes exceptional distribution, both with her feet and through precise throws or kicks. Larsen’s vocal leadership on the pitch is instrumental in directing the defense and initiating quick transitions from defense to attack.


Maja Bay Ostergaard
Maja Bay Ostergaard represents the youthful energy and promise in Denmark’s goalkeeper selection. Playing for FC Thy-Thisted, she has steadily gained experience and developed her talents. Her presence in the squad adds depth and signals a bright future for Danish goalkeeping.



Simone Boye Sorensen
Simone Boye Sorensen is a seasoned campaigner with many international caps. Her defensive prowess, astute positioning, and strong tackling have made her a rock in Denmark’s backline. Simone is also renowned for her aerial abilities, both in defense and during set-pieces in attack. Her leadership qualities make her an inspirational figure, instilling confidence in the team.

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Luna Gevitz
Luna Gevitz, who plies her trade at Montpellier in France’s top division, is a versatile defender capable of playing various defensive positions. Her exceptional work rate, robust tackling, and ability to contribute to the attack make her a dynamic asset in Denmark’s defensive setup. Her international experience has contributed significantly to her development as a key player.


Stine Ballisager Pedersen
Stine Ballisager Pedersen has become a cornerstone of Valerenga’s defense, showcasing her tenacity, anticipation, and ability to win crucial duels. Her reading of the game and timely interceptions disrupt opposing attacks effectively. Stine’s reliability in defense is an essential component of Denmark’s solidity at the back.


Rikke Sevecke
Rikke Sevecke’s tenure in the English Women’s Super League with Everton has seen her mature into a well-rounded defender. Her athleticism, composure on the ball, and ability to excel in aerial battles make her a crucial asset in Denmark’s defensive efforts. Her international experience adds to her value as a dependable center-back.

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Sofie Svava
Sofie Svava‘s move to Real Madrid has allowed her to refine her skills further. Her calmness in possession, precise passing, and tactical intelligence set her apart as a modern full-back. Svava’s ability to contribute to the build-up play from deep positions adds a new dimension to Denmark’s game, making her an essential link between defense and midfield.


Frederikke Thorgersen
Frederikke Thorgersen’s time at Inter Milan has polished her defensive abilities. Her tenacious tackling, the anticipation of opposition movements, and her capability to cover her fellow defenders make her a reliable asset in Denmark’s backline.


Katrine Veje
Katrine Veje, also plying her trade at Everton, offers depth and quality in the defensive department. Her defensive discipline, ability to track back, and ability to provide cover in defense are invaluable qualities. Additionally, Veje’s overlapping runs from the full-back position can be a potent attacking weapon for Denmark.




Josefine Hasbo
Josefine Hasbo, a product of Harvard University, is a rising star in Denmark’s midfield. Her time in the United States has not only enriched her academic knowledge but also her footballing skills. With a remarkable ability to read the game and orchestrate attacks, she’s set to be a key playmaker for the Danish team.


Kathrine Kuhl
Kathrine Kuhl, plying her trade at Arsenal, is a midfield dynamo. She is known for her versatility and tireless work ethic. She both breaks up opposition attacks and initiates her team’s offensive moves. Her experience in a highly competitive environment like the English Women’s Super League will be invaluable for Denmark.


Janni Thomsen
Janni Thomsen, representing Valerenga in Norway, is a technically gifted midfielder who can unlock defenses with precise passing and dribbling skills. Her creativity and vision make her an integral part of Denmark’s midfield engine.


Karen Holmgaard
Playing for Everton in the Women’s Super League, Karen Holmgaard is a tenacious midfielder with a knack for winning duels and controlling the game’s speed. Her energy and determination on the field will be crucial for Denmark’s success.


Sofie Junge Pedersen
Sofie Junge Pedersen, a member of the Italian giants Juventus, is a midfielder with an impressive football IQ. Her ability to read the game and make intelligent decisions under pressure make her an asset in midfield.


Nicoline Sorensen
Nicoline Sorensen, another Everton player, is known for her versatility and adaptability. She can play midfield roles, adding depth to Denmark’s squad. Her work rate and ability to contribute defensively and offensively make her a valuable asset.


Emma Snerle
Emma Snerle, representing West Ham, is a rising star with a bright future. Her technical skills and composure on the ball allow her to control the midfield and distribute effectively. She’ll provide a youthful vitality to the team.

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Sanne Troelsgaard Nielsen
An experienced campaigner, Sanne Troelsgaard Nielsen, who plays for Reading in England, brings leadership and composure to Denmark’s midfield. Her ability to make intelligent decisions in high-pressure situations will be vital in tight matches.




Signe Bruun
Signe Bruun, representing Lyon, is a prolific forward with a sharp eye for goal. Her goal-scoring ability and agility make her a constant threat in the attacking third.


Mille Gejl
Mille Gejl, playing in the United States for North Carolina, is a versatile forward who can operate in various attacking positions. Her pace and creativity add depth to Denmark’s attacking options.


Pernille Harder
Pernille Harder, one of the standout names in women’s football, plays for Chelsea. Her incredible skill, vision, and goal-scoring prowess make her Denmark’s superstar. She’s capable of turning a game on its head single-handedly.


Rikke Marie Madsen
Rikke Marie Madsen, also with North Carolina, is a forward known for her work rate and tenacity. She can press high up the pitch and contribute defensively, making her a valuable asset in Denmark’s system.


Amalie Vangsgaard
Amalie Vangsgaard, representing Paris St-Germain, brings flair and creativity to Denmark’s attack. Her dribbling skills and ability to create scoring opportunities will be pivotal for the team’s success.


Final Thought

Denmark Women’s Team Players have made a mark in the 2023 World Cup. This article has shed light on the remarkable journey of these talented athletes, and it’s clear that their performance was nothing short of exceptional.

Throughout the tournament, we witnessed the Danish players’ incredible skills and determination. Players like Pernille Harder and Nadia Nadim exhibited finesse and goal-scoring prowess that left fans and opponents alike in awe. The team’s offensive strategies and defensive fortitude were fully displayed, showcasing their versatility and adaptability.

What truly stood out, however, was the unity and team spirit that defined this squad. They weren’t just a group of individuals; they were a cohesive unit with a shared goal. Their resilience, camaraderie, and never-say-die attitude endeared them to fans worldwide.

This article has provided the 23 selected Denmark players in the 2023 World Cup. Their performance was a source of pride for their nation and inspiration for women and girls aspiring to excel in the beautiful game. The future looks bright for Danish women’s football, and their journey in 2023 will be etched in the annals of the sport’s history as a testament to their skill, determination, and unity.





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