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France Women Team Players 2023 Fifa World Cup

FranFrance Women's Team Players 2023 Fifa World Cupce Women Team Players 2023 Fifa World Cup


The 2023 FIFA Women World Cup has brought together the world’s top female football talent to compete on the global stage.

Among the teams vying for the prestigious title, the France Women Team stands out with its history of success and a roster filled with exceptional players.


Sequel to this, this article aims to delve into some key players who are representing France in the tournament and contributing to their journey towards victory.


Below are the France Women Team Players 2023 Fifa World Cup:

Name of the players Roles In Club

Pauline Peyraud-Magnin Goalkeeper Juventus

Solene Durand Goalkeeper Guingamp

Constance Picaud Goalkeeper Paris Saint-Germain

Estelle Cascarino Defender Manchester United

Maelle Lakrar Defender Montpellier

Wendie Renard Defender Lyon

Sakina Karchaoui

Defender Paris Saint-Germain

Aissatou Tounkara Defender Manchester United

Selma Bacha Defender Lyon

Sandie Toletti Midfielder Real Madrid

Amel Majri Midfielder Lyon

Lea Le Garrec Midfielder Fleury

Grace Geyoro Midfielder Paris Saint-Germain

Laurina Fazer Midfielder Paris Saint-Germain

Clara Matéo Forwarder Paris FC

Viviane Asseyi

Forwarder West Ham

Vicki Becho Forwarder Lyon

Kadidiatou Diani Forwarder Paris Saint-Germain

Eugénie Le Sommer

Forwarder Real Madrid


● Goalkeepers

Three goalkeepers will contribute their unique strengths to the France Women Team. They will also enhance the team’s defensive capabilities in the pursuit of success at the 2023 World Cup.


They are:

1. Pauline Peyraud-Magnin

Pauline Peyraud-Magnin is the number-one goalkeeper on our list. Hailing from Juventus brings her proficiency as a goalkeeper to the France Women Team in the 2023 World Cup.

She has very impressive reflexes and distribution skills which add a strong presence to the team’s defensive strategies. Her time with Juventus has honed her abilities at the highest level of women’s football.


2. Solene Durand

Solene Durand is a skilled goalkeeper who will be representing France. The name of her club is Guingamp. She is known for her agility and shot-stopping abilities.

Durand has proven herself as a reliable presence between the posts. Her experience in both domestic and international competitions adds depth to the French squad’s defensive lineup.


3. Constance Picaud

The number of goalkeepers for France during the 2023 FIFA World Cup would be incomplete if Constance Picaud was not included. She is a very skillful goalkeeper who belongs to a football club called Paris Saint-Germain.

She is one of the goalkeeping options for the France Women’s Team in the 2023 World Cup. Picaud’s consistent performances in the domestic league have earned her a place in the national squad. Her skill, enthusiasm, and capacity to command her area make her a valuable asset in crucial matches.


● Defenders

The following players will collectively form a well-rounded defensive unit for the France women’s national team in the 2023 FIFA World Cup. They will combine their experience, skill, and versatility to enhance the team’s performance both in defense and solidarity and during attacking transitions.

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4. Estelle Cascarino

Estelle Cascarino is one of the defenders in the France women’s team for the 2023 FIFA World Cup. She is a known player for Manchester United. Her versatility is her standout quality. Whether operating as a right-back or left-back, her agility and speed make her a dynamic presence on the flanks.

She contributes defensively by tracking back swiftly and engaging in timely challenges. In attack, Cascarino’s dribbling skills and accurate crosses pose a threat to opponents, providing valuable width and opportunities for her teammates.


5. Maelle Lakrar

Maelle Lakrar is a rising star in the French women’s team who plays as a defender for Montpellier. She has showcased exceptional defensive skills and tactical awareness in football for many seasons.

She can intercept passes and make timely tackles to disrupt opposition attacks.

Additionally, her vision on the field allows her to initiate plays from the back, contributing to the team’s build-up. Lakrar’s versatility enables her to play as a center-back or full-back, providing flexibility to the defensive lineup.


6. Wendie Renard

Wendie Renard, the team’s captain, is strong in the French defense. She is standing tall at 6 feet 2 inches. Her aerial dominance is a crucial asset during set-pieces, both defensively and offensively. Her leadership on and off the field guides the team, instilling confidence and discipline.

Renard’s ability to read the game and make critical interceptions often thwarts opponents’ advances, and her long passing range aids in launching counterattacks.


7. Sakina Karchaoui

Arguably, Sakina Karchaoui brings a balance of defensive solidity and offensive flair as a left-back. She plays for Paris Saint-Germain and her defensive awareness allows her to anticipate opponents’ movements.

Moreover, her ability to make overlapping runs and deliver precise crosses from the left flank adds an attacking dimension to the team’s play. As a versatile player, she contributes in different areas of the field, making her a valuable asset for the team’s tactical approach.


8. Aissatou Tounkara (Manchester United):

At Manchester United, Aissatou Tounkara has developed very defensive skills which she will practice during the France women’s team FIFA World Cup. Her ball-playing abilities and composure in possession allow her to initiate attacks from deep positions.

Tounkara’s reading of the game allows her to intercept passes and provide defensive cover. Also, her ability to switch play effectively opens up avenues for her teammates. Her partnership with other defenders will enhance the team’s defensive cohesion.


9. Selma Bacha

Selma Bacha, a young talent from Lyon, has already made her mark as a tenacious defender. She has a flexible skill which enables her to slot in as a full-back or center-back.

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She has strong tackling skills which she uses to scare her opponents. Her composure under pressure allows her to distribute the ball effectively from the back, contributing to the team’s controlled build-up play.


● Midfielders

Many talented midfielders are exemplifying a cohesive unit that dictated the tempo of matches, orchestrated attacks, and thwarted opponents’ advances. They will contribute not only to showcasing their skills but also emphasize the importance of a harmonious midfield in achieving success on the international stage.


They include the following:

10. Sandie Toletti

Sandie Toletti, who exerted her trade with Real Madrid, stood out as a fervent player in the midfield. Distinguished for her ability to read the game and distribute the ball effectively, Toletti’s presence was crucial in maintaining possession and initiating attacking moves. Her strategic passes and vision consistently unlocked opposition defenses.


11. Amel Majri

Amel Majri, a stalwart of Olympique Lyonnais, displayed her creative flair and technical finesse in the midfield. She is proficient at dribbling past defenders and delivering precise crosses, Majri’s contributions added an extra dimension to France’s attacking prowess. Her ability to create goal-scoring opportunities from wide positions was a significant asset.


12. Lea Le Garrec

Lea Le Garrec, representing Fleury, played a crucial role in connecting defense and attack. Le Garrec’s ability to swiftly transition from defense to offense was pivotal in launching counter-attacks. Her precision in passing and positional intelligence made her a linchpin in the team’s build-up play.


13. Grace Geyoro

Grace Geyoro, a standout performer for Paris Saint-Germain, showcased her dynamic playing style as a midfielder. As a box-to-box midfielder, Geyoro exhibited remarkable versatility, transitioning seamlessly between defensive duties and supporting the forward line. Her boundless energy and tackling prowess disrupted opponents’ plays and provided a shield for the defense.


14. Laurina Fazer

Laurina Fazer is a fervent player in Paris Saint-Germain. She is a reliable presence in the heart of the midfield. Fazer’s astute positional sense and ball-retention skills ensured the team’s control over the game’s tempo. Her knack for making incisive passes and breaking opposition lines contributed to the team’s fluid attacking movements.


● Forwarders

They are as follows:

15. Clara Matéo

Clara Matéo, representing Paris FC, will bring youthful energy and determination to the French women’s team during the 2023 World Cup. As a forward, Matéo’s speed and agility make her a threat to opposing defenses.

Her ability to maneuver through tight spaces and her penchant for taking on defenders one-on-one make her an exciting player to watch. Despite her relatively young age, Matéo’s presence in the squad adds depth and dynamism to the team’s attacking options.

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16. Viviane Asseyi

Viviane Asseyi, playing for West Ham, is a versatile forward who adds a layer of unpredictability to France’s attacking strategy in the 2023 World Cup. Her technical prowess combined with her tactical awareness allows her to excel in various attacking roles.

Asseyi’s capability to both score goals and create chances for her teammates makes her a valuable asset. Her experience in different leagues contributes to her adaptability and effectiveness on the international stage.


17. Vicki Becho

Vicki Becho, part of Lyon’s lineup, is a rising star in the France Women Team for the 2023 FIFA World Cup. Her natural goal-scoring ability and positioning in the penalty area have made her a reliable source of goals.

Becho’s partnership with Le Sommer, another Lyon player, adds to the team’s cohesion in the attacking third. Her performances at the club level have translated well to the international arena, solidifying her role in the squad.


18. Kadidiatou Diani

Kadidiatou Diani, donning the Paris Saint-Germain colors, is a dynamic forward contributing her skills to the French team. With her exceptional dribbling skills, Diani is known for her ability to take on defenders and create scoring opportunities. Her versatility allows her to operate on either wing, providing the team with options to exploit opposing defenses. Diani’s flair and creativity make her an exciting player to watch during the tournament.


19. Naomie Feller

Naomie Feller is a forward player representing Real Madrid. She is a young talent who brings her enthusiasm and determination to the French women’s national team in the 2023 FIFA World Cup. Feller’s ability to read the game, combined with her technical skills, make her an asset in both scoring and assisting goals. Her experience at the club level has honed her abilities, and her inclusion in the squad showcases the team’s focus on nurturing emerging talents for future campaigns.


Conclusion On France Women Team

The France Women Team roster for the 2023 FIFA World Cup is a well-balanced blend of experienced players and emerging talents.

With a combination of skill, teamwork, and determination, these players are striving to bring glory to their nation.

As the tournament unfolds, football enthusiasts around the world will be eagerly watching to see how these exceptional athletes contribute to France’s quest for victory on the global stage.



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