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Japan Women Team Players 2023 World Cup

Women Team Players 2023 World Cup

Japan Women Team Players 2023 World Cup

Japan Women Team Players 2023 World Cup
Japan Women Team Players 2023 World Cup

Japan is currently one of the favorite countries to win it all. They defeated Spain 4-0 in the last group game and followed that up with a 3-1 victory over Norway in the second round. They have won all four games with less effort.

Futoshi Ikeda, a former junior team coach familiar with many of the excellent young players on the club, has helped Nadeshiko develop a distinctive style of play in which their forwards create opportunities and their midfielders take advantage of them.

As a result, lead striker Mina Tanaka has three assists to her credit as she and Aoba Fujino frequently drop deep to isolate the opposing defense. Hinata Miyazawa is currently leading the Golden Boot race with five goals.

It’s a tried-and-true strategy that hasn’t been stopped yet and given how simple Yui Hasegawa, Fuka Nagano, Jun Endo, and co. They seem to have it, but it’s difficult to predict which country will be able to prevent them from winning a second world championship. Due to their effectiveness and composure in front of goal, they have scored 17 goals in four games and have converted seven of their last eight shots on goal.

The sole scoring opportunity on the other end came from Guro Reiten’s header in the previous round. The foundation of their success has been the back three of Minami, Takahashi, and the seasoned Saki Kumagai. However, they face a challenging quarterfinal matchup against Sweden, the top-seeded country still in the competition.

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Japan Women Team Players 2023 World Cup

Below are the chosen players for Japan as they showcase their skills to win the World Cup:



Ayaka Yamashita
Ayaka Yamashita is the backbone of the Japanese defense. She is known for her lightning-fast reflexes; she has a knack for making crucial saves that can turn the tide of a game. Her consistent performances for INAC Kobe Leonessa have earned her a spot as Japan’s top goalkeeper.

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Momoka Tanaka 

At a young age, Momoka Tanaka has risen to prominence in Japanese women’s football. Her remarkable agility, combined with a calm and composed presence in the box, make her a rising star in goalkeeping.


Chika Hirao
Chika Hirao brings a wealth of experience to the team. She’s known for her excellent command of the penalty area, making her a leader on the field. Her ability to organize the defense and communicate effectively with her teammates is invaluable.



Risa Shimizu
Risa Shimizu is a versatile defender with the ability to play on both flanks of the pitch. Her exceptional speed, coupled with a tactical awareness beyond her years, makes her a formidable force in both defense and attack. She’ll be a key player to watch out for.


Moeka Minami
Moeka Minami is a defender with a bright future ahead. Her solid defensive skills, combined with her ability to initiate attacks from the backline, make her a dynamic presence on the field. She has already shown great promise during her time with Roma.

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Saki Kumagai
Saki Kumagai is a seasoned defender with a wealth of international experience. She’s known for her ability to read the game and intercept opponents’ passes effectively. Besides her defensive prowess, she’s also a threat during set pieces, adding another dimension to Japan’s attack.


Shiori Miyake
Shiori Miyake is a tenacious defender who never shies away from a challenge. Her work rate and determination make her a reliable presence in the backline. She often plays a vital role in stifling opposing attackers and launching counter-attacks.


Kiko Seike
Kiko Seike brings her defensive expertise to the team from Urawa Reds. Her ability to read the game, make crucial tackles, and distribute the ball effectively from the backline will be instrumental in Japan’s defensive strategy.


Miyabi Moriya
Miyabi Moriya is another talented defender from INAC Kobe Leonessa. Her versatility and adaptability to various defensive roles add depth to the squad. Her presence ensures that Japan has solid options in defense.

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Rion Ishikawa
Rion Ishikawa is a rising star in the world of women’s football. As a young defender, she brings energy and enthusiasm to the team. Her agility, combined with her willingness to join the attack when needed, makes her a player with immense potential.




Fuka Nagano
Fuka Nagano, the midfield maestro from Liverpool, is a player to watch out for in the 2023 World Cup. With her exceptional passing accuracy and an eye for creating scoring opportunities, she’s a vital cog in Japan’s midfield. Fuka’s ability to maintain possession and dictate the game flow sets her apart.


Hinata Miyazawa
Hinata Miyazawa is a true midfield gem, representing MyNavi Sendai on the international stage. Her vision on the field is unparalleled, and she possesses the unique skill of picking out pinpoint passes that unlock opposition defenses. Her creativity in midfield is what often sparks Japan’s attacking moves.

Hiraku Naomoto
Hiraku Naomoto brings a remarkable work ethic to the midfield, hailing from Urawa Reds. She is known for her tenacity and ability to win back possession. Her defensive skills are matched by her ability to distribute the ball effectively to initiate attacks.


Jun Endo
Jun Endo, the midfielder from Angel City, is a rising star in Japanese football. Her agility and ball-handling skills make her a formidable presence in the park’s center. Opponents find it challenging to dispossess her, and she has a knack for gracefully taking on defenders.


Yui Hasegawa
Yui Hasegawa, who plies her trade with Manchester City, is another exceptional midfielder on the team. Her versatility allows her to excel both defensively and offensively. Yui’s ability to read the game and make crucial interceptions has saved Japan in numerous situations.


Hina Sugita
Hina Sugita, who plays for the Portland Thorns, is a midfield maestro known for her vision and precise passing. She’s often the playmaker orchestrating Japan’s attacks, and her set-piece deliveries are a potent weapon.


Honoka Hayashi
Honoka Hayashi brings her skills from West Ham to the team. She is a hardworking midfielder who covers a lot of ground and provides valuable support to the attack and defense. Her stamina and commitment to the game are commendable.

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Aoba Fujino
Aoba Fujino, representing Tokyo Verdy Beleza, is a talented midfielder known for controlling the match’s tempo. Her calm and composed presence in midfield often steadies the team during high-pressure situations.


Hana Takahashi
Hana Takahashi, another talent from Urawa Reds, adds depth to Japan’s midfield. She is a versatile player who can adapt to different roles in midfield, providing valuable options to the coach.



Riko Ueki
Riko Ueki is a dynamic forward representing Tokyo Verdy Beleza. Her speed and agility make her a constant threat to opposing defenses. She has a knack for finding the back of the net when it matters most.


Remina Chiba
Remina Chiba, who plays for JEF United, is a forward with a scoring instinct. Her ability to position herself in the right place at the right time often leads to crucial goals for Japan.


Mina Tanaka
Mina Tanaka, a prominent figure at INAC Kobe Leonessa, is a well-rounded forward with excellent dribbling skills. She can take on defenders one-on-one and has a powerful shot in her arsenal.

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Maika HamanoMaika
Hamano, who represents Hammarby, is a rising star in Japan’s forward line. Her energy and determination make her a handful for defenders, and she’s known for her ability to create scoring opportunities for herself and her teammates.



The 2023 Women’s World Cup in Japan promises to be an unforgettable journey filled with passion, dedication, and outstanding performances. The women’s national team players have been working tirelessly to represent their country on the world stage, and they deserve our unwavering support.

We have successfully listed 23 players Japan Women’s Team players. Three goalkeepers, seven defenders, nine midfielders, and four forwards. They are willing to make Japan proud by coming out victoriously.

So, prepare to witness history in the making as Japan’s women’s national team competes on the grand stage of the 2023 World Cup. Let’s rally behind them, show our unwavering support, and make this tournament a celebration of football.

Good luck!


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