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New Zealand Women Team Players at the 2023 FIFA World Cup

New Zealand Women's Team Players at the 2023 FIFA World Cup
New Zealand Women’s Team Players at the 2023 FIFA World Cup

New Zealand Women Team Players at the 2023 FIFA World Cup


New Zealand Women Team Players at the 2023 FIFA World Cup. The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup was an exhilarating event that showcased the prowess and talent of football players from around the globe.


Among the competing teams, the New Zealand Women’s Team, also known as the “Football Ferns,” stood out with their exemplary display of skill, determination, and unity.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the standout women’s team players who represented New Zealand in the 2023 FIFA World Cup, highlighting their contributions, achievements, and impact on the team’s journey.


The following are the New Zealand Women Team Players at the 2023 World Cup:


GKErin Nayler
Erin Nayler is a talented goalkeeper who has been a prominent figure for the New Zealand Women’s National Team. As of my last update in September 2021, she played for IFK Norrköping, a football club based in Sweden.

Nayler’s impressive goalkeeping skills and commanding presence in the penalty area have made her a crucial asset for the Football Ferns.

Her ability to make crucial saves and organize the defense has earned her a reputation as one of the top goalkeepers in women’s football.


Victoria Esson
Victoria Esson is another skilled goalkeeper who has represented the New Zealand Women’s National Team.

According to research, she played for Rangers, a well-known football club based in Scotland. Esson’s agility, quick reflexes, and ability to read the game have made her a valuable member of the Football Ferns’ defensive unit.

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Her shot-stopping abilities and composure under pressure have been essential in crucial matches.


Anna Leat
Anna Leat is a rising talent in women’s football and has been a part of the New Zealand Women’s National Team’s goalkeeping setup.

She played for Aston Villa, a prominent club in the English Women’s Super League. Leat’s development and progress in her career have been closely monitored by the Football Ferns’ coaching staff.

With her strong shot-stopping abilities and distribution skills, she has shown great potential to be a key goalkeeper for the national team in the future.


Claudia Bunge
Claudia Bunge is a central defender who plies her trade for Melbourne Victory in the Australian W-League.

She is recognized for her commanding presence in defense and her skill in aerial duels. With her excellent tackling and distribution abilities, Bunge brings composure to the New Zealand backline during high-pressure matches.


Elizabeth Anton
Elizabeth Anton is a talented defender who plays for Perth Glory in the Australian W-League. own

She is known for her strong defensive skills, she is capable of providing stability and reliability to the backline. Her ability to read the game and make crucial interceptions makes her a valuable asset for the New Zealand national team.


Michaela Foster
Michaela Foster is a promising young women’s defender who represents Wellington Phoenix in the Australian W-League. Despite her relatively young age, she has displayed maturity and composure beyond her years.

Foster’s ability to read the game and position herself well in defense makes her a valuable addition to the New Zealand women’s team.


CJ Bott
CJ Bott is an exciting full-back who plays for Leicester City in the FA Women’s Super League. Her versatility allows her to operate on either flank, providing attacking prowess along with defensive solidity. Her pace and tenacity make her a formidable force in both defense and support during counter-attacks for New Zealand.

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Malia Steinmetz
Western Sydney Wanderers) – Malia Steinmetz is a talented midfielder who plays for Western Sydney Wanderers. She is acknowledged for her technical skills, vision, and passing ability, she adds creativity and control to the midfield.

With her dynamic playing style, she can link up play and create scoring opportunities for her teammates.


Ria Percival
Ria Percival is an experienced midfielder who represents Tottenham Hotspur. She is renowned for her versatility, as she can play as a central midfielder or as a right-back.

Percival’s defensive acumen, exceptional crossing ability, and leadership qualities make her a valuable asset for both defensive stability and offensive support.


Daisy Cleverley
Daisy Cleverley is a rising star playing for HB Køge. As a midfielder, she showcases great energy, box-to-box capabilities, and tactical awareness.

Cleverley’s strong tackling, dribbling skills, and ability to make late runs into the box make her a potent threat in the attacking third.


Olivia Chance
Olivia Chance is a skillful midfielder. She plays for Celtic and is also known for her close ball control, vision, and playmaking ability, Chance plays a vital role in orchestrating the team’s attacking moves.

Her long-range shooting and set-piece expertise add dimension to the team’s offensive play.


Paige Satchell
Paige Satchell is an exciting forward playing for Wellington Phoenix. She is blessed with pace and dribbling skills, she can take on defenders one-on-one and create goal-scoring opportunities.

Satchell’s versatility allows her to play both as a winger and a striker, making her a valuable attacking option.


Jacqui Hand
Jacqui Hand is a talented forward representing Åland United. With her goal-scoring instincts, intelligent positioning, and aerial ability, she poses a constant threat to opposing defenses. Hand’s physicality and link-up play make her an asset in the attacking build-up.

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Hannah Wilkinson
Hannah Wilkinson is a prolific striker who plays for Melbourne City. With her goal-scoring prowess and clinical finishing, she is the team’s main goal-scoring threat. Wilkinson’s ability to hold up play and bring others into the game makes her an essential player in the attacking line.


Grace Jale
Grace Jale is a young and promising forward representing Canberra United. Her speed, agility, and flair make her a dangerous winger, capable of taking on defenders and providing accurate crosses. Jale’s ability to stretch the defense with her pace adds an extra dimension to the team’s attacking options.


Every player can not appear in the main list. Below are some of the competent New Zealand Women’s Teams for the 2023 FIFA World Cup.

Rebekah Stott -Brighton & Hove Albion (Defender)
Katie Bowen -Melbourne City (Defender)
Ali Riley – Angel City FC (Defender)
Betsy Hassett -Stjarnan (Midfield)
Annalie Longo – Christchurch United (Midfield)
Grace Jale -Canberra United (Forward)
Milly Clegg -Wellington Phoenix (Forward)
Gabi Rennie -Arizona State Sun Devils (Forward)
Indiah-Paige Riley -Brisbane Roar (Forward)



The New Zealand Women’s Team heads into the 2023 FIFA World Cup with a promising roster of players, including seasoned veterans and emerging talents.

With players like Ria Percival providing experience and leadership, and rising stars like Paige Satchell and Grace Jale bringing youthful exuberance and creativity, the team has a well-rounded blend of skills to take on the world’s best.

As they step onto the global stage, the New Zealand Women’s Team aims to make their nation proud, and fans around the world eagerly await their performances with excitement and anticipation.

Good luck with your 2023 FIFA World Cup



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New Zealand Women Team Players at the 2023 FIFA World Cup



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