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Philippines Women Team Players 2023 Fifa World Cup

Philippines Women Team Players 2023 Fifa World Cup

In the Philippine Women Team Players 2023 Fifa World Cup, Alen Stajcic has selected the 23 players. These squads are putting effort now ahead of a first-ever World Cup for the Filipinas.


The Philippines, now ranked 49 in the world and have never even made it to the Olympic or World Cup stages, will expect a strong showing in Australia after last year. The nation’s women’s squad is high after reaching the AFC Women’s Asian Cup semifinals and winning the first-ever AFF Women’s Championship. But this will be much more difficult.


Co-hosts New Zealand, Switzerland, and Norway were placed in Group A with the Philippines. Even if they avoid finishing last in their group, they’ll undoubtedly defy expectations because there aren’t many members of the squad who are very well-known in the rest of the world. They’ll enjoy the role of being unknown, skillful players.

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While US-based Isabella Pasion, who is only 16 years old, will become one of the youngest players ever to play in a World Cup if she participates, Hali Long, the Philippines’ most capped current international, will be crucial in defense. Due to the small player pool available, certain players without clubs may also be called up.


However, for the Filipinas, as well as so many other nations competing in this competition, this might be a turning point in which the sport truly takes off at home. Keep reading about the Philippines Women Team Players 2023 Fifa World Cup.


Philippines Women Team Players 2023 Fifa World Cup

The Philippines Falls in World Cup Group A, like New Zealand, Norway, and Switzerland. Their first World Cup outing was against Switzerland on July 21.


Below are their final 23 World Cup players.



Olivia McDaniel

Olivia McDaniel has been a standout goalkeeper for the Milwaukee Panthers, showcasing remarkable shot-stopping abilities throughout her career. Her experience in college soccer has allowed her to develop the composure and anticipation required to excel in high-pressure situations.

McDaniel’s presence in the goal will provide security to the Philippine defense, as she can make critical saves to turn the tide of a match.


Kiara Fontanilla

Kiara Fontanilla brings her professional experience playing for Central Coast Mariners to the national team.

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As a goalkeeper, she is known for her quick reflexes, strong communication skills with the defense, and ability to command the penalty area. These attributes will help organize the Philippine defense and prevent opposition attacks from gaining momentum.


Kaiya Jota

Kaiya Jota’s tenure with the Stanford Cardinal has established her as a top-notch goalkeeper. Her agility, ability to read the game, and excellent decision-making make her a formidable presence in goal.

Jota’s distribution skills will also be an asset, allowing the Philippines to initiate counterattacks effectively.




Alicia Barker

Alicia Barker is a defensive stalwart known for her ability to anticipate the opponent’s moves and make crucial tackles. Her positioning and composure under pressure make her an excellent choice to anchor the Philippine defense.

Barker’s experience playing for the Pacific Northwest has undoubtedly contributed to her ability to excel in challenging situations.


Angela Beard

Angela Beard is a versatile defender capable of playing both as a full-back and a center-back. Her experience with Western Union has honed her defensive skills, but she also possesses the attacking prowess to contribute to build-up play.

Her ability to overlap and deliver dangerous crosses from the flanks can add a new dimension to the Philippine offense.


Reina Bonta 

Reina Bonta’s presence in the Santos defense has maintained a strong backline. She possesses excellent ball distribution skills, allowing the team to transition smoothly from defense to attack.

Bonta’s composure under pressure and ability to initiate play from the back will be crucial in the World Cup.


Malea Cesar 

Malea Cesar is a tenacious defender who excels in reading the game and intercepting passes. Her ability to disrupt the opponent’s play and win aerial duels is a valuable asset for the Philippine defense.

Cesar’s physicality and determination make her a formidable opponent for any attacker.


Jessika Cowart

Jessika Cowart’s international experience with IFK Kalmar has elevated her defensive abilities. Her positioning and timing in tackles are impeccable, and she has a knack for winning crucial aerial duels.

Cowart’s calm and composed demeanor under pressure will be essential in maintaining defensive solidity.


Hali Long 

Hali Long’s work ethic and determination are her defining traits as a defender. Her ability to track back quickly, cover ground, and make crucial tackles will provide an extra layer of protection for the Philippine defense.

Long’s relentless work rate will make her a key player in disrupting opponent attacks.

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Dominique Randle

Dominique Randle’s experience playing abroad has exposed her to different playing styles and competition levels. This global perspective will be invaluable in adapting to various opponents in the World Cup.

Her understanding of the game and ability to communicate effectively with her teammates make her a leader in the backline.




Tahnai Annis 

Tahnai Annis is a midfielder with a reputation for her precise passing and ball control. Playing for a club in Portugal, she has honed her skills against top-level competition.

Annis is not only capable of retaining possession but also possesses the vision to split defenses with her incisive through balls. Her presence in the midfield will be pivotal for the Philippines, as she can dictate the game’s pace and orchestrate attacks.


Ryley Bugay

Ryley Bugay’s strength lies in her ability to disrupt the opponent’s play. She is known for her relentless pressing and tackles in midfield.

Her speed and tenacity make her a nuisance for opponents trying to build attacks. Bugay’s role will be crucial in regaining possession and launching quick counter-attacks.


Anicka Castañeda 

Anicka Castañeda is a versatile midfielder who can perform both offensive and defensive roles effectively.

Her work rate and passing accuracy are notable, and she’s comfortable making forward runs to support the attack. Castañeda’s adaptability adds tactical flexibility to the team’s game plan.


Sara Eggesvik

Sara Eggesvik brings international experience to the midfield, having played in Norway. Her composure under pressure, combined with her ability to read the game, makes her a reliable presence in the park’s center.

She can disrupt opponents’ passing lanes and initiate attacks with precision passes.


Carleigh Frilles

Carleigh Frilles is a dynamic midfielder known for her ability to drive the ball forward and create goal-scoring opportunities.

Her energy and creativity in midfield will be crucial for breaking down stubborn defenses. Frilles can also track back defensively, making her a complete midfielder.


Isabella Pasion

Isabella Pasion represents the youthful energy and talent of the team. Her inclusion from Lebanon Trail High School showcases the Philippines’ commitment to nurturing young talents.

Pasion’s potential and raw skill could surprise the team, and her enthusiasm may inject new life into the midfield.


Jaclyn Sawicki

Jaclyn Sawicki brings leadership qualities and experience to the midfield. Her ability to control the game’s tempo and make intelligent decisions under pressure will be instrumental.

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Sawicki’s presence on the pitch can stabilize the team and provide a sense of direction.




Katrina Guillou

Katrina Guillou is a goal-scoring forward with a keen eye for the net. Playing in Pitea IF, she has developed an instinct for finding scoring opportunities.

Her finishing skills and ability to position herself in the right place at the right time make her a constant threat to opposing defenses.


Sarina Bolden

Sarina Bolden is a forward with pace and flair. Her dribbling skills and agility allow her to take on defenders one-on-one.

Bolden’s ability to beat her marker and create chances makes her a valuable asset in breaking down tight defenses.


Isabella Flanigan

Isabella Flanigan, with her experience in college soccer at West Virginia Mountaineers, brings discipline and determination to the forward line.

She not only can score but can also press high up the pitch and contribute to defensive efforts, making her a well-rounded forward.


Chandler McDaniel

Chandler McDaniel’s physical presence and strength make her a formidable forward. She can hold the ball, bring others into play, and provide crucial assists.

McDaniel’s ability to win aerial duels and maintain possession in advanced areas can be a valuable asset for the team.


Quinley Quezada

Quinley Quezada is a forward with a keen sense of positioning. Playing at Red Star Belgrade, she has gained valuable experience in a competitive environment.

Her ability to read the game, find pockets of space, and finish chances will be essential for the team’s attacking success.


Meryll Serrano

Meryll Serrano is a versatile forward capable of playing various roles in the front line. Representing Stabaek in Norway, she has access to top-level competition. Serrano’s adaptability and creativity make her a valuable asset, as she can seamlessly switch between different attacking positions.



The Philippines Women’s Team players 2023 FIFA World Cup have been inspiring. The dedication, passion, and relentless efforts of these remarkable athletes have brought pride and joy to their nation.

As we bid farewell to this historic tournament, it’s essential to reflect on the achievements and the challenges faced by the team.

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First and foremost, the Philippines Women’s Team’s presence in the 2023 FIFA World Cup is a testament to the growth of women’s football in the country.

Their participation on this global stage has undoubtedly inspired countless young girls to dream big and pursue their love for the sport.


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