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Republic of Ireland Women Team Players 2023 FIFA World Cup

Republic of Ireland Women Team Players 2023 FIFA World Cup

Republic of Ireland Women Team
Republic of Ireland Women Team

The Republic of Ireland Women Team Players 2023 World Cups will be participating for the first time at a Women’s World Cup. Vera Pauw has selected the 23 players for the World Cup 2023. They achieved this after defeating Scotland in a play-off final for one of the last UEFA spots at the tournament.

However, through two intense matches against the United States, the current World Cup champion, the Republic of Ireland, demonstrated its readiness to play at the event. Despite losing both games, Ireland gave the Americans problems, and manager Vera Pauw was able to draw a lot of positives from the contests.

To qualify in the tournament, the Republic of Ireland has added many skillful players like defender Aoife Mannion, a Manchester United Player who had previously represented England at youth level. Katie McCabe will also play a significant role for Ireland at the World Cup.

McCabethei is another player who has played more than 150 times for Arsenal. Her ability to score spectacular goals has made her famous in the team. Others include Leanne Kiernan, Sinead Farrelly, and many other skillful players.

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According to research, Ireland is in the same group B as Nigeria and Australia.
In this article, we shall list the 23 selected Republic of Ireland Women’s Team Players for the 2023 FIFA World Cup.

Let’s get started:

Republic of Ireland Women Team Players 2023 FIFA World Cup



Courtney Brosnan (Everton)
Grace Moloney (Reading)
Megan Walsh (Brighton)

Courtney Brosnan
Courtney Brosnan, currently with Everton, boasts an impressive resume as a goalkeeper. Her agility and ability to make crucial saves have made her a formidable presence in the goalmouth.

Courtney’s experience and leadership in the box will be instrumental in organizing the defensive line.

Grace Moloney
Grace Moloney, a Reading stalwart, is known for her dependable hands and impeccable decision-making. Her composed demeanor in high-pressure situations makes her a trusted last line of defense for her club and country. Grace’s ability to read the game and initiate quick counter-attacks adds an extra dimension to her game.

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Megan Walsh
Megan Walsh’s quick reflexes and exceptional distribution skills have earned her a well-deserved spot on the team. Her innate understanding of the game enables her to launch precise passes to start offensive plays or launch swift counter-attacks when the opportunity arises.


Áine O’Gorman (Shamrock Rovers)
Niamh Fahey (Liverpool)
Louise Quinn (Birmingham City)
Diane Caldwell (Reading)
Claire O’Riordan (Celtic)
Chloe Mustaki (Bristol City)
Isibeal Atkinson (West Ham)


Áine O’Gorman
Áine O’Gorman, a versatile defender with a wealth of experience, is a linchpin of the Irish defense. She can effortlessly transition between different defensive positions and is known for her leadership qualities, which are invaluable in organizing and maintaining the backline’s solidity.


Niamh Fahey
Niamh Fahey, representing Liverpool, is the epitome of a reliable defender. Her excellent defensive skills, coupled with her ability to stay composed under pressure, make her an indispensable asset. Niamh’s ability to read the game and make crucial interceptions is pivotal in disrupting the opposition’s offensive strategies.


Louise Quinn
Louise Quinn’s aerial dominance and impeccable tackling ability make her a formidable force in the heart of the defense. With a wealth of experience gained from competing in top-level leagues, she brings the necessary composure and discipline to thwart opponent attacks effectively.


Diane Caldwell
Diane Caldwell is renowned for her no-nonsense approach to defending. Her exceptional one-on-one defensive skills and calmness under pressure enable her to break up opponent attacks and regain possession for her team.


Claire O’Riordan
Claire O’Riordan, a full-back known for her speed and agility, provides a dual threat to the opposition. Her ability to overlap in attack while maintaining defensive discipline on the flanks makes her a versatile asset to the team’s overall strategy.


Chloe Mustaki
Chloe Mustaki’s adaptability allows her to transition between various defensive roles seamlessly. Her innate ability to read the game and intercept passes disrupts the flow of the opponent’s attack, providing crucial support to the team’s overall defensive effort.

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Isibeal Atkinson
Isibeal Atkinson, a young and dynamic defender, injects energy into the squad. Her determination to win individual battles and her willingness to contribute to the team’s attack make her an exciting prospect for the future.


Denise O’Sullivan (North Carolina Courage)
Katie McCabe (Arsenal)
Ruesha Littlejohn (Aston Villa)
Megan Connolly (Brighton)
Ciara Grant (Hearts)
Lucy Quinn (Birmingham City)
Lily Agg (London City Lionesses)
Sinead Farrelly (NY/NJ Gotham)


Denise Sullivan
Denise is undoubtedly one of the standout midfielders in the women’s game today. Her impressive technical skills, vision, and ability to dictate the game’s flow are remarkable. With her proficiency in both attacking and defensive roles, she provides the team with a dynamic edge.


Katie McCabe
As an Arsenal player, Katie McCabe has honed her skills in one of the top women’s leagues in the world. Her versatility is a significant asset, allowing her to operate on the wing or in a central midfield role. Katie’s pinpoint crosses and ability to take on defenders make her a constant threat in the attacking third.


Ruesha Littlejohn
Ruesha is a creative force in the midfield. Her keen eye for a pass and ability to unlock defenses with precise through balls add a dimension to Ireland’s attack that will be crucial in the tournament. Her time at Aston Villa has further polished her abilities.


Megan Connolly
Megan is known for her exceptional work rate and determination in midfield. Her ability to win challenges and transition from defense to attack seamlessly is essential for the team’s tactical setup.


Ciara Grant
Ciara Grant brings a calm and composed presence to the midfield. Her ability to retain possession under pressure and distribute the ball effectively helps Ireland maintain control in the park’s center.


Lucy Quinn
Lucy Quinn is an exciting talent with the ability to dazzle spectators with her dribbling skills. She can take on defenders one-on-one and create scoring opportunities, making her a thrilling player.

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Lily Agg
Lily Agg is a rising star whose energy and tenacity in midfield are assets that should not be underestimated. Her willingness to press opponents and win back possession is vital in modern football.


Sinead Farrelly
Sinead Farrelly provides tactical versatility in midfield. Her adaptability to different roles and situations allows the team to adjust its playing style. Her experience in the competitive NWSL will undoubtedly benefit the squad.


Amber Barratt (Turbine Potsdam)
Kyra Carusa (London City Lionesses)
Marissa Sheva (Washington Spirit)

Amber Barratt
Amber Barratt is a prolific goal scorer. Her ability to find the back of the net consistently, combined with her speed, makes her a constant threat in the final third. Her experience in top European leagues like the Frauen-Bundesliga will be invaluable.

Kyra Carusa
Kyra Carusa’s physicality and ability to hold up play provide a crucial link between the midfield and the attack. She can bring her teammates into the game and create space for others to exploit.

Abbie Larkin
Abbie Larkin represents the future of Irish women’s football. Her speed, agility, and youthful exuberance make her a promising talent who will be eager to showcase her abilities on the international stage.

Marissa Sheva
Marissa Sheva is a forward with a reputation for scoring when it matters most. Her ability to thrive under pressure and make well-timed runs in the box can be a game-changer for the team.


The Republic of Ireland Women Team Players 2023 FIFA World Cup is a force to be reckoned with. With a blend of experienced veterans and emerging talents, they are poised to make a mark on the world stage.

The players introduced in this article are just a glimpse of the incredible squad representing Ireland in this prestigious tournament. Their dedication, skill, and passion for the game inspire all aspiring athletes.

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As the tournament kicks off, let’s rally behind our team and support these remarkable women who will proudly wear the green jersey. Whether they bring home the trophy or not, they have already won the hearts of their fans and the respect of the football world.


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