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South Africa Women Team Players 2023 Fifa World Cup 

South Africa Women Team Players 2023 Fifa World Cup 
South Africa Women Team Players 2023 Fifa World Cup

South Africa Women Team Players 2023 FIFA World Cup

In crowds and the global spotlight of the 2023 FIFA Women World Cup, South Africa Women Team players affectionately known as ‘Banyana Banyana,’ takes center stage with a squad that embodies talent, dedication, and diversity.
As the world unites to celebrate the pinnacle of women’s football, South Africa’s journey promises to be a captivating one. With a roster that showcases both experienced stalwarts and promising young talents, the team’s participation in this prestigious tournament is a testament to the remarkable growth of women’s football in the Rainbow Nation.
In this article, we’ll introduce you to the South Africa Women Team Players 2023 Fifa World Cup. Stay glued.

2023 South Africa Women Team Players, roles, and their football clubs

Players Roles Club
Andile Dlamini Goalkeeper Mamelodi Sundowns
Kaylin Swart Goalkeeper JVW
Kebotseng Moletsane Goalkeeper Royal AM
Karabo Dhlamini Defender Mamelodi Sundowns
Fikile Magama Defender UWC
Lebohang Ramalepe Defender Mamelodi Sundowns
Tiisetso Makhubela Defender Mamelodi Sundowns)
Noko Matlou Defender Eibar
Bambanani Mbane Defender Mamelodi Sundowns
Refiloe Jane Midfielder Sassuolo
Sibulele Holweni Midfielder UWC
Linda Motlhalo Midfielder Glasgow City
Kholosa Biyana Midfielder UWC
Nomvula Kgoale
MidfielderTS Galaxy
Robyn Moodaly Midfielder JVW
Gabriela Salgado Forward JVW
Noxolo Cesane Forward UANL
Jermaine Seoposenwe Forward Juárez
Melinda Kgadiete Forward Mamelodi Sundowns


Andile Dlamini
Dlamini is a highly experienced goalkeeper with a proven track record. Her ability to make critical saves under pressure is unmatched. Dlamini’s commanding presence in the penalty area instills confidence in the defense and helps organize the team’s defensive shape. Her time at Mamelodi Sundowns has honed her skills, making her a reliable last line of defense for South Africa.
Kaylin Swart 
Swart is a rising star in South African women’s football. Her agility, quick reflexes, and excellent shot-stopping capabilities make her a dependable choice in goal. She has a knack for making acrobatic saves, which can be game-changing in tight matches. Swart’s performances with JVW have showcased her potential to be a future star for the national team.
Kebotseng Moletsane 
Kobotseng Moletsane provides essential depth to the goalkeeping position. While she may be considered a backup, her presence is invaluable for the team’s preparation and readiness. Moletsane has the potential to shine on the international stage if given the opportunity, as she has the talent and determination to make an impact.


Karabo Dhlamini 
Dhlamini is a versatile defender who can seamlessly transition between full-back and center-back roles. Her understanding of the game, coupled with her excellent positioning, allows her to read the play and intercept passes effectively. She plays a vital role in building up play from the back and ensuring the team’s defensive stability.
Fikile Magama
Magama is a young and exciting talent in South African women’s football. Her exceptional speed, agility, and precise tackling skills make her a standout defender. Magama’s ability to quickly close down opponents and win possession is a crucial asset for the team’s defensive efforts. She represents the future of the national team’s defense.
Lebohang Ramalepe 
Lebohang Ramalepe is a seasoned campaigner with a wealth of international experience. As a defender, she brings not only skill but also leadership to the team. Ramalepe’s composure under pressure and her ability to organize the backline are invaluable assets. She is known for making crucial interceptions and is a pillar of strength in the defense.
Tiisetso Makhubela 
Makhubela is a technically gifted defender known for her precise ball distribution skills. Her ability to initiate attacks from the back adds an extra dimension to the team’s play. She’s equally adept at fulfilling her defensive duties, using her intelligence and vision to read the game and intercept passes. Her versatility makes her a valuable asset in various defensive positions.
Noko Matlou 
Matlou is a seasoned veteran who has gained international experience by playing for Eibar abroad. She is a formidable defender known for her physicality, aerial dominance, and ability to win duels. Matlou’s presence adds depth to the defense, and her experience is invaluable, especially in high-stakes matches.
Bambanani Mbane 
Mbane is a reliable and consistent defender who excels in one-on-one defensive situations. Her defensive prowess, combined with her ability to contribute effectively in set-piece situations, both defensively and offensively, make her a key asset to the team. Her discipline and understanding of defensive positioning make her a trusted member of the backline.
Bongeka Gamede 
Bongeka Gamede is an emerging talent with a bright future in South African football. Her athleticism, exceptional work rate, and ability to cover ground quickly make her a dynamic presence in the defense. Gamede brings youthful energy to the team’s backline, and her versatility allows her to adapt to various defensive roles.


Refiloe Jane
Refiloe Jane is a midfield maestro known for her exceptional ball control, vision, and precise passing. She currently plies her trade with Sassuolo in the Italian Serie A Femminile. Jane’s ability to dictate the tempo of the game from the midfield is a key asset for South Africa.
Sibulele Holweni 
Sibulele Holweni is a rising star in South African football. Her agility, dribbling skills, and tactical awareness make her a promising young midfielder. She represents the University of Western Cape (UWC) and has the potential to become a midfield stalwart for South Africa.
Linda Motlhalo 
Linda Motlhalo, with her experience, adds composure and creativity to the midfield. Currently playing for Glasgow City in Scotland, she’s known for her ability to unlock defenses with her precise through-balls and set-pieces.
Kholosa Biyana 
Kholosa Biyana is a hardworking midfielder who plays for the University of Western Cape (UWC). Her tenacity, ball-winning abilities, and consistent performances in the midfield provide a solid foundation for South Africa’s play.
Nomvula Kgoale 
Nomvula Kgoale is a dynamic midfielder representing TS Galaxy. She contributes to the team’s balance with her exceptional passing range and ability to transition between defense and attack seamlessly.
Robyn Moodaly 
Robyn Moodaly, who plays for JVW, is known for her technical finesse. Her dribbling skills and playmaking abilities in midfield often make her a key architect of South Africa’s attacking moves.


Gabriela Salgado 
Gabriela Salgado is a forward with a knack for goal-scoring. Her ability to find space, take on defenders, and convert chances into goals makes her a potent offensive threat for South Africa while representing JVW.
Noxolo Cesane
Noxolo Cesane, who competes for UANL in Mexico, is known for her speed and agility. She can exploit defensive weaknesses with her pace and create goal-scoring opportunities for herself and her teammates.
Jermaine Seoposenwe 
Jermaine Seoposenwe is a seasoned forward with a proven goal-scoring record. Playing for Juárez in Mexico, she brings a wealth of experience and a clinical finish to South Africa’s attack.
Melinda Kgadiete 
Melinda Kgadiete, representing Mamelodi Sundowns, is a skillful forward. She excels in creating scoring opportunities, dribbling past defenders, and finding the back of the net.
Other forwards include;
Wendy Shongwe (University of Pretoria)
Hildah Magaia (Sejong Sportstoto)
Thembi Kgatlana (Racing Louisville)


The South Africa Women’s Team at the 2023 FIFA World Cup displayed remarkable skill, determination, and sportsmanship on the global stage.
While they faced formidable opponents and challenges, they showcased the immense talent and potential within their squad.
As fans, we were treated to inspiring performances and unforgettable moments. Regardless of the tournament’s outcome, the South African players have proven that they belong among the world’s elite in women’s football.
Their journey in this World Cup will be remembered as a stepping stone for future success, and we eagerly anticipate their continued growth and success in the beautiful game.”
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