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Spain Women Team Players 2023 Fifa World Cup


The 2023 FIFA Women World Cup has brought together some of the finest women’s football talent from across the globe. Among the participating teams, the Spain Women’s National Football Team stands out as an appalling challenger. They are energetic and looking for an opportunity to showcase their skills.


The Spain Women National Football Team for the 2023 FIFA World Cup boasts a balanced blend of experienced veterans and promising young talents. The squad is led by a skilled coaching staff, whose strategies and tactics are aimed at propelling the team to success on the world stage.


Are you looking for Spain Women’s Team Players 2023 FIFA World Cup? Welcome. You are at the right place. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the players who make up the Spain Women’s Team for the 2023 FIFA World Cup, highlighting their key strengths and contributions to the squad’s performance.


Let’s head to it.

● Goalkeepers

1. Maria Rodriguez (Real Madrid)

2. Enith Salon (Valencia)

3. Cata Coll (Barcelona)


● Defenders

1. Irene Paredes (Barcelona)

2. Ivana Andres (Real Madrid)

3. Ona Battle (Barcelona)

4. Laia Codina (Barcelona)

5. Olga Carmona (Real Madrid)

6. Rocio Galvez (Real Madrid)

7. Oihane Hernandez (Athletic Bilbao)


● Midfielders

1. Teresa Abelleira (Real Madrid)

2. Irene Guerrero (Atletico Madrid)

3. Aitanna Bonmatti (Barcelona)

4. Maria Perez (Barcelona)

5. Alexia Putellas (Barcelona)

6. Claudia Zornoza (Real Madrid)


● Forwards

1. Mariona Caldentay (Barcelona)

2. Eva Navarro (Atletico Madrid)

3. Salma Paralluelo (Barcelona)

4. Athenea del Castillo (Real Madrid)

5. Esther Gonzalez (Real Madrid)

6. Jennifer Hermoso (Pachuca)

7. Marta Cardona (Atletico Madrid)


1. Maria Rodriguez (Goalkeeper)

One of the goalkeepers in Spain awaiting to showcase her goalkeeping skills is Maria Rodriguez. She is known for her exceptional shot-stopping abilities and quick reflexes. Her experience with Real Madrid has helped her develop strong communication skills with the defense, making her a key player in organizing the backline. She is ready to protect balls against entering the goalpost.

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2. Enith Salon (Goalkeeper)

Undoubtedly, Enith is a talented goalkeeper who is recognized for her agility and distribution skills. Her time at Valencia has allowed her to hone her skills and gain valuable experience, making her a reliable option between the posts.


3. Cata Coll (Goalkeeper)

Cata is a skilled goalkeeper who has risen through the ranks of Barcelona’s youth system. She possesses excellent ball control and a calm demeanor under pressure, which makes her a strong contender for the starting goalkeeper position.


4. Irene Paredes (Defender)

Spain has incredible defenders and one of them is Irene Parades. She is a highly experienced central defender known for her leadership qualities and ability to read the game. Her defensive prowess and composure on the ball make her an essential part of the team’s backline.


5. Ivana Andres (Defender)

Ivana is a versatile defender who can play both as a center-back and full-back. Her physicality, strong tackles, and ability to contribute to the attack through overlapping runs make her an asset to the team.


6. Ona Battle (Defender)

Ona is a promising young defender with great potential. Her exceptional ball control and ability to carry the ball out of defense make her a modern-style defender who can initiate attacks from the back.


7. Laia Codina (Defender)

Laia is known for her defensive solidity and tactical intelligence. Her ability to anticipate opponents’ movements and make timely interceptions has made her a reliable option at the back for Barcelona.


8. Olga Carmona (Defender)

Olga is a tenacious full-back with strong defensive skills and an ability to provide support in attack. Her pace and crossing ability add an extra dimension to the team’s play down the flanks.

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9. Rocio Galvez (Defender)

Rocio is a composed and technically skilled defender who contributes to both defensive stability and build-up play. Her vision and passing accuracy help in transitioning the ball from defense to attack.


10. Oihane Hernandez (Defender)

Oihane is a solid defender who excels in aerial duels and one-on-one situations. Her physical presence and ability to clear dangerous situations make her an important asset for the team’s defensive line.


11. Teresa Abelleira (Midfielder)

Teresa is a creative midfielder known for her vision and passing accuracy. She has controlled the tempo of the game and delivered precise through balls making an integral part of the team’s midfield.


12. Irene Guerrero (Midfielder)

Irene is a dynamic midfielder with excellent work rate and versatility. Her ability to win back possession and drive the ball forward makes her a crucial player in both the defensive and offensive phases.


13. Aitanna Bonmati (Midfielder)

Aitanna is a skillful midfielder with a keen eye for goal. Her ability to score from a distance and create goal-scoring opportunities has made her a fan favorite, and she often contributes to the team’s attacking plays.


14. Maria Perez (Midfielder)

Maria is a technically gifted midfielder who controls the midfield with her passing and ball retention. Her ability to dictate the play and link up with teammates makes her a vital playmaker for the team.


15. Alexia Putellas (Midfielder)

Alexia is a midfield maestro known for her exceptional ball control and vision. Her ability to orchestrate attacks and deliver pinpoint passes makes her a leader in the midfield, and she often contributes to goals as well.


16. Claudia Zornoza (Midfielder)

Claudia is a versatile midfielder who can contribute both defensively and offensively. Her energy and ability to cover ground make her an important asset in maintaining the team’s shape and controlling the midfield battles.


17. Mariona Caldentay (Forward)

Mariona is a dynamic forward with excellent dribbling skills and goal-scoring ability. Her versatility allows her to play across the front line and create opportunities for herself and her teammates.

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18. Eva Navarro (Foward)

Eva is a young and talented forward known for her pace and skill on the ball. Her ability to beat defenders and provide dangerous crosses from the flanks adds width and attacking options to the team.


19. Salma Paralluelo (Forward)

Salma is a rising star known for her technical ability and flair. Her creativity and ability to take on defenders make her a player who can unlock tight defenses and contribute to the team’s attacking prowess.


20. Athenea del Castillo (Forward)

Athenea is a versatile forward who can play as a winger or a striker. Her speed, dribbling, and goal-scoring instinct make her a threat behind the defense and a valuable option in various attacking setups.


21. Esther Gonzalez (Forward)

Esther is a clinical finisher with a strong goal-scoring record. Her positioning and ability to find the back of the net make her a reliable source of goals for the team.


22. Jennifer Hermoso (Forward)

Jennifer is a seasoned forward known for her goal-scoring prowess and technical ability. Her experience and composure in front of goal make her a leader in the attacking department.


23. Marta Cardona (Foward)

Marta is a young and promising forward known for her agility and creativity. Her ability to create goal-scoring opportunities and work in tight spaces adds depth to the team’s attacking options.



The Spain Women’s National Football Team’s journey in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is a testament to the dedication and skill of its players.

With a mix of experienced campaigners and emerging talents, the team is poised to make a significant impact on the tournament.

As fans and enthusiasts, we eagerly await the performances of these remarkable athletes as they represent their nation on the world stage.


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