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Zambia Women Team Players 2023 World Cup


you are looking for full details concerning the Zambia Women Team Players 2023 World Cup, congratulations. You are on the right page. This article will provide you with the necessary information. However, Zambia will be looking to make a name for themselves on the largest platform in women’s football as they enter their first Women’s World Cup.

The Copper Queens are one of Africa’s top women’s football prospects and feature a young team that is ready to face any challenge put in their path. The COSAFA Women’s Cup winners will fly to Australia and New Zealand to make a statement and try to play an outstanding brand of football to please the fans at home.

Bruce Mwape, the head coach, is ecstatic to be going to the World Cup and calls it “history in the making.” Mwape explained on FIFA’s official website: “But everything is possible. They might win. The Copper Queens would also be expected to perform well before some formidable opponents seeded in their group.

Before taking on the European powerhouse Spain on July 26, Zambia will square off against Japan in their opening World Cup game. On July 31, the African team plays Costa Rica to wrap up the group stage. Who made the Zambia Women’s World Cup roster is examined by GOAL.

Below are the 23 Zambia Women’s Team players for the Fifa World Cup 2023:




Catherine Musonda – Goalkeeper
Catherine Musonda is a seasoned goalkeeper with a wealth of experience. She has been a reliable presence between the posts for the Indeni Roses, a prominent women’s football club in Zambia. Musonda’s agility, shot-stopping abilities, and strong communication skills make her an invaluable asset to the national team. Her presence on the field provides stability to the defense and instills confidence in her teammates.

Eunice Sakala – Goalkeeper
Eunice Sakala is another remarkable talent in the Zambian women’s football scene. She trades with Nkwazi, a club known for developing top-notch players. Sakala is known for her quick reflexes, excellent positioning, and ability to make crucial saves under pressure. Her composure and ability to organize the defense make her a key figure in Zambia’s goalkeeping department.

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Hazel Nali – Goalkeeper
Hazel Nali has taken her talents beyond the borders of Zambia, playing for Fatih Vatan in international competitions. Her international exposure has allowed her to grow as a goalkeeper and gain valuable experience against top-class opponents. Nali’s powerful goal kicks, bravery in one-on-one situations, and ability to command her area are some of her standout attributes. Her time abroad has undoubtedly contributed to her development, and she will be looking to bring that expertise to the Zambian team.



Margaret Belemu – Defender
Margaret Belemu is a versatile defender who plies her trade for Shanghai Shengli in the Chinese Women’s Super League. Her experience in one of the world’s top women’s football leagues has honed her defensive skills and tactical awareness. Belemu is known for her ability to read the game, make crucial interceptions, and contribute to the attack when needed. Her adaptability and composure on the ball make her a valuable asset for Zambia’s backline.

Lushomo Mweemba – Defender
Lushomo Mweemba is a dedicated defender who plays for the domestic club Green Buffaloes. She possesses exceptional strength and athleticism, making it difficult for opposition forwards to get past her. Mweemba’s physicality and ability to win aerial duels make her an essential presence in the team’s defense.

Esther Banda – Defender
Esther Banda brings her defensive prowess to the World Cup from her club, BUSA. She is known for her tenacity in tackles and ability to nullify the opposition’s attacking threats—Banda’s quick decision-making and positional awareness help to stabilize the backline and thwart opponents’ goal-scoring opportunities.

Agness Musase – Defender
Agness Musase, another standout from Green Buffaloes, adds depth to Zambia’s defensive options. Her consistency in reading the game and adeptness at breaking up opposition attacks make her a reliable choice in defense. Musase’s strong work ethic and ability to cover ground efficiently make her an asset to the team’s defensive structure.

Judith Soko – Defender
Judith Soko is a promising young talent from YASA, and her inclusion in the squad demonstrates Zambia’s commitment to developing youth players. Soko combines defensive stability with the ability to push forward and support the attack when needed. Her versatility as a full-back allows her to contribute to both ends of the pitch.

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Vast Phiri – Defender
Vast Phiri is a dependable defender who plies her trade with ZESCO United. Her disciplined defending and exceptional game reading have earned her a spot on the national team. Phiri’s ability to anticipate the opposition’s moves and intercept passes makes her a valuable presence in the backline.

Mary Mulenga – Defender
Mary Mulenga represents the Red Arrows, and her defensive prowess has caught the attention of the national team selectors. Her composure in one-on-one situations and ability to initiate counterattacks from the back gives Zambia an extra dimension in defense.

Martha Tembo – Defender
Martha Tembo is the backbone of the Zambian defense. Having honed her skills with BIIK Shymkent in Kazakhstan, she brings a wealth of experience to the team. Her positioning, timing, and ability to make crucial tackles make her a reliable presence at the back, ensuring the team’s defensive solidity.



Evarine Katongo – Midfielder
Evarine Katongo is a versatile midfielder who can excel both defensively and offensively. Her work rate in midfield is exceptional, often breaking up opposition plays and starting attacks for Zambia—her ability to switch play and control games is vital for the team’s success.

Mary Wilombe – Midfielder
Mary Wilombe is a creative force in the midfield for the Zambian team. Playing for Red Arrows has sharpened her technical skills, and she is known for her vision and precision passing. Her knack for finding space and delivering incisive through balls makes her a key playmaker.

Susan Banda – Midfielder
Susan Banda is another valuable asset in midfield. She adds dynamism to the team with her box-to-box style of play. Banda’s ability to cover ground and contribute defensively and offensively provides balance to the midfield.

Avell Chitundu – Midfielder
Avell Chitundu’s inclusion showcases the team’s commitment to nurturing young talent. Playing for ZESCO Ndola Girls, she has been a rising star in Zambian football. Her energy and enthusiasm in midfield complement the more experienced players and inject youthful vigor into the squad.

Ireen Lungu – Midfielder
Ireen Lungu is another midfielder with international experience at BIIK Shymkent. Her ability to read the game and intercept passes disrupts opponents’ play in the middle of the park, making her a vital defensive presence.

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Hellen Chanda – Midfielder
Hellen Chanda, like her teammate Lungu, brings her experience from BIIK Shymkent to the national team. Her versatility allows her to play a vital role in midfield, where she can contribute defensively and create goal-scoring opportunities.

Barbra Banda – Forward
Barbra Banda is a household name in women’s football. Playing for Shanghai Shengli, she is one of Zambia’s most prolific goal scorers. Her speed, agility, and clinical finishing ability make her a constant threat in the attacking third.

Hellen Mubanga – Forward
Hellen Mubanga adds firepower to Zambia’s attack. She has honed her skills in Spain with Zaragoza CFF, making her adept at taking on defenders and creating goal-scoring opportunities.

Grace Chanda – Forward
Grace Chanda is another Zambian talent who plies her trade in Spain, playing for Madrid CFF. Her technical ability and creativity make her a valuable asset in the attacking midfield role.

Racheal Kundananji – Forward
Racheal Kundananji is a versatile forward who can play in various attacking positions. Her ability to score goals and assist has been crucial for club and country.

Ochumba Oseke Lubanji – Forward
Ochumba Oseke Lubanji’s presence in the forward line adds depth to the attack. Her ability to link up play and create goal-scoring opportunities provides valuable options in the final third.

Xiomara Mapepa – Forward
Xiomara Mapepa represents the emergence of talent from Elite Ladies, showcasing Zambia’s commitment to developing young players. Her inclusion in the squad is a testament to her potential and the bright future of Zambian women’s football.



The journey of the Zambia Women’s Team at the 2023 World Cup has been inspiring. When the tournament started, these remarkable athletes showed the world their unwavering determination, skill, and passion for the beautiful game.

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While they faced dangerous opponents and experienced victories and defeats, their resilience and commitment to representing their nation shone brightly on the global stage. They showcased not only their athletic prowess but also their ability to unite a country and inspire a generation of young girls to pursue their dreams in football.

Finally, we have successfully listed the names of the Zambia women players. They are all skillful. They will always make us proud.


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